10 best free agent targets the Mets need to go after hard in the next two offseasons

These 10 free agents need to be Mets targets over the next two offseasons.
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4) Zack Wheeler's comeback to Queens would be one of the best Mets news of 2025

From the second half of 2019 wearing the Mets jersey up until now, Zack Wheeler has been one of the best pitchers in the MLB. In 2023, Wheeler continues his dominance on the mound in a season that could mark the third time in a row Wheeler has finished in the top 5 in Cy Young Award voting.

Wheeler has demonstrated in these years the talent that Sandy Alderson saw in him when they decided to trade for him in the trade that led Carlos Beltran to the San Francisco Giants. Unfortunately, due to injuries that plagued the start of his MLB career, the Mets were unable to see Wheeler in all his glory.

However, Wheeler would be a free agent in 2025 at the age of 35. Despite having an advanced age for a pitcher, the fact that he did not accumulate a high number of innings at the beginning of his career and his current level of performance suggests that he could spend a couple more years in the league, which is a good level.

The Mets would be very interested in Wheeler to rebuild their previous relationship and could get an ace level in a short-term contract. Wheeler's arrival in Queens would be a phenomenal fan event and put the team in an immediate contending position.