10 best free agent targets the Mets need to go after hard in the next two offseasons

These 10 free agents need to be Mets targets over the next two offseasons.

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5) Josh Hader could be the lethal weapon the Mets bullpen needs

The greatest need in the short term for the Mets is their starting rotation. However, the bullpen was a headache this 2023 that mitigated their aspirations to reach the postseason. Although, in the team's plans, 2024 looks more like a bridge to compete in 2025, names like Josh Hader emerge as available options that would consolidate the team's bullpen back.

Edwin Diaz is considered to return as the team's closer next season. After Diaz, the team doesn't have a viable and reliable option for high-leverage situations that are so vital for a contending team.

Hader has consistently been one of the best relievers in baseball over the past few seasons. His power fastball and elite spin rate make him a lethal weapon, especially due to his ability to pitch multiple outs and innings.

Hader would be a free agent at the end of this season at the age of 30. Even though the reliever position turns out to be the most volatile on the market, his potential and track record make him the number one target among relievers who could be signed to a multiyear contract.

In a bullpen with Josh Hader and Edwin Diaz, the Mets would become a guaranteed win late in games thanks to the dominance of both pitchers. The Mets should not hesitate to negotiate with Hader this same offseason to consolidate a top team in the league by 2025.