5 best free agent DH options for the Mets to improve their lineup even more

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2) NY Mets free agent DH option Nick Castellanos

Do I think Nick Castellanos signs with the Mets to become their DH? Absolutely not. But who would have predicted Max Scherzer would have ended up with the team? Never say never. The Mets have surprised us already. What’s stopping them from doing it again?

Castellanos was a beast in 2021, hitting 34 home runs and driving in 100 for the Cincinnati Reds. A growing reputation as a power hitter with a below-average glove, he’s one of the most intriguing DH options available out there on the open market. Although still labeled as an outfielder, it’s the role he is meant for.

A former third baseman turned right fielder, the Mets probably wouldn’t have much use for him in the field except in emergency situations or to give someone a chance to rest their body a little more. His tremendous ability to hit for power and occasionally challenge or even surpass a .300 batting average like he did last year is also intriguing. He’s not just a guy swinging for the fences. Castellanos is a real hitter.

What removes Castellanos from having the top spot on this list is the side he swings from. A righty, I would prefer my DH to swing from the left side. Fortunately, there is one name left to discuss.