5 best free agent DH options for the Mets to improve their lineup even more

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4) NY Mets free agent DH option Jorge Soler

Jorge Soler might be one of those late-to-develop power hitters that sticks around into his 40s. In fact, he could be the next Nelson Cruz!

Soler reached a new ascension in 2019 when he popped a league-leading 48 home runs. Although it also came with a league-leading 178 strikeouts, it’s hard to get too upset when he’s able to completely turn a game around with one swing of the bat.

Soler’s 2021 season was split between the Kansas City Royals and Atlanta Braves. He was powerful with both teams but kicked it into high gear once he joined Atlanta. He hit just .192 with the Royals but matched to bat .269 with Atlanta. His three home runs in the World Series helped him earn MVP honors.

On the Mets, Soler would be a regular DH with the occasional start in the outfield. Right field has been his primary position and would likely be the place he’d play whenever Buck Showalter did give him a chance to reunite with his glove.

Odds on the Mets signing him to a deal should be only a little less faint than them agreeing to a deal with Cruz. Soler is the kind of guy that will probably land with a team on a shorter contract with some “prove yourself” incentives. As strong as a finish as he had in 2021, he started off slowly in Kansas City. He only makes this list ahead of Cruz because of his age and ability to play some defense even if it’s not so great.