5 best free agent DH options for the Mets to improve their lineup even more

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Do the New York Mets really need to go out and sign a free agent to become their designated hitter? The answer is the same as “do the Mets really need another ace?”

You can never have too much of a good thing. And while the Mets look pretty secure with the offense, another boost can’t hurt.

The Mets have a few directions they can go with the incoming DH spot. A few unknowns with the roster make a lot of what they should or shouldn’t do worth debating. A single trade could completely alter the way we think about this ball club. Considering all of what they may or may not do, these three MLB free agents would fit most snug on the team with an everyday role as the designated hitter.

5) NY Mets free agent DH option Nelson Cruz

Nelson Cruz might be better than the fifth best hitter on this list. Despite being officially over-the-hill, the man can still swat baseballs with the best of them.

Cruz has been one of the game’s best sluggers over the last decade. In particular, he really started loading up on dingers beginning with his league-leading 40 back in 2014.

Now the owner of 449 lifetime home runs, he’s coming off of a year where he combined to hit 32 more with the Minnesota Twins and Tampa Bay Rays.

Cruz is the most natural DH of all available in free agency. He has barely played the field at all in recent seasons. For the Mets, this isn’t a good plan.

My ideal DH is a guy that can at least be a passable defender. It’s impossible to make a list of the best DH options out there without at least inviting him in.

Originally signed as an amateur free agent by the Mets back in February 1998, his career could come full circle with a return to the organization. I don’t see it happening, though. If Cruz continues to play baseball, he’ll make another team’s DH spot very happy.