Ranking the top 5 free agent DH options for the Mets

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2. Jorge Soler

Soler proved to be a prominent outfielder last year for the Marlins and was a key piece that led them to a playoff berth. The 31-year-old could level out the lineup and provide a ton of run support in 2024. Yes, Jorge Soler is another player who could provide versatility for the Mets because he too can play the field. The quality that sets him apart from the others that were mentioned before him is his arm. Soler has been known for not just the power he brings with his bat but his arm strength as well. This aspect could be a pretty big game-changer for the Mets because Nimmo does not have the best throwing arm and the only other outfielder on the roster that has a decent arm is Starling Marte.

Soler is coming off a season where he had a career-low whiff rate of 27.6. That number was the lowest rate of his entire career. Soler also displayed just how much power he has by hitting a grand total of 36 home runs while providing other enticing numbers to look at. He hit .250 and put up 75 RBI in 2023 as well. Although, Fans cannot forget about the 48 home runs he hit in 2019 for the Royals and the fact that he was a postseason stud for the Braves World Series run in 2021.

The Mets know the kind of production and the player they are getting with Soler which is why he is at the top of their target list.