Ranking the top 5 free agent DH options for the Mets

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4. Teoscar Hernandez

The Mets could express interest in Hernandez in the near future, especially because he is one of the better hitters left on the free-agent market. Hernandez is consistent at the DH position but it is his versatility that makes him a better option than Hoskins. He can play outfield which is another spot the Mets could use some help in until they are ready to bring up the young talent in their farm system. Hernandez had a down year last season striking out a whopping 211 times in 678 plate appearances.

Hernandez still managed to put up some decent numbers slashing .258 with 26 home runs and 93 RBI. The only issue with signing him is his expectations contract-wise. Hernandez is looking to get a 4-year contract which may not be the best investment for the Mets to make. The Mets are not looking to give out a bigger contract on Hernandez now when they can simply wait until next season when they are going to be more competitive.

Other teams have been checking in on Hernandez's status, and the latest of those teams at the moment is the Boston Red Sox.