5 best Mets options at the DH spot next season ranked

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1) The best option at the designated hitter position needs no introduction

In the designated hitter market there has not been and will not be for several years a better option than the one presented in free agency. With a power bat and elite offensive production, Shohei Ohtani is the best option of eligible players at the position for which the Mets should go all in.

Ohtani is a hitter like few others. His level of production places him in the top 1% of the league in all offensive ratios including plate discipline, a differentiating aspect of his game.

Unlike what many may think about Ohtani's importance and value after his elbow injury, this would be an ideal time for the Mets to sign the best player in baseball. Due to this injury, Ohtani's cost has been reduced considerably, making him an even safer bet than in previous years.

Ohtani would not be an ideal hitter at the DH position for the Mets. As a left-handed, power-hitting, and disciplined hitter at the plate, Ohtani would become the ideal third hitter for the Mets' lineup ahead of Pete Alonso.

This would make the Mets the most feared one-two in baseball in terms of power and would uniquely transform the team's production. Likewise, Ohtani's value is essential for Steve Cohen due to its power of attraction and marketing of the American and Asian markets, being a profitable business in a 360-degree view.

Steve Cohen and David Stearns must sign Shohei Ohtani who would serve as the team's signature figure in 2024 and beyond. The presence of Ohtani, the current core in the major leagues and the top prospects that are rising would turn the Mets into a winning and sustainable organization over time, Steve Cohen's number one goal as owner.