5 best Mets options at the DH spot next season ranked

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4) Veteran Michael Brantley could be very useful for the Mets

Another left-handed hitter but with a different profile than Joc Pederson who could be a good fit for the Mets is Michael Brantley. The 36-year-old veteran did not see much action on the field this year due to discomfort and injuries.

The reason Brantley could be a better fit than Pederson is because of the potential contract he would carry. Due to his injuries in previous years and his age, Brantley would be priced low on a one-year contract that could be tied to multiple bonuses for plate appearances, performance, and awards.

Despite being limited the last two seasons, Brantley is still a hitter with a batting average above .270 with an average exit velocity above the league average. Likewise, his approach at the plate makes him one of the most selective hitters in the league with an elite whiff% and chase rate, which is reflected in a K% always at the top of MLB.

Brantley would be a platoon player for the Mets, being able to cover the DH along with Mark Vientos, forming a productive duo at the position. The Houston Astros player could also serve as a mentor to the young players on the MLB roster, contributing with his experience and knowledge of the plate and the strike zone.