Top 3 corner infield duos in Mets history

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NY Mets corner infield duo of John Olerud and Robin Ventura

It’s hard to believe that the Mets only employed John Olerud and Robin Ventura together for a single season. The 1999 campaign was a brilliant one for each of them. Ventura won a Gold Glove over at third base. Olerud probably could have done the same over at first base but alas he was overlooked.

Olerud continued to put up numbers similar to Hernandez. He relied on doubles and hitting for average. In this particular season, Olerud outdid himself in the walks department. The Mets first baseman drew 125 free passes. He’d end the year with a slash line of .298/.427/.463 in what was one of the best offensive campaigns any Mets player has had.

Across the field, Ventura did more than play slick defense. He hit .301/.379/.529 for the Mets while rocketing 32 home runs and driving in 120. He was the piece they were missing in the lineup and apparently on the field, too.

I’m not sure any corner infield duo did as many things well on both sides of the ball as these two. The only unfortunate part of it all is how short-lived it would be. Olerud left in free agency the following offseason. Had it lasted a little longer, maybe this would have been the best in club history. Instead, I think the best corner infield duo is either the Hernandez-Johnson duo or our last one to look at.