5 best Mets contracts of the last 10 years

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2) NY Mets relief pitcher Aaron Loup - 1 year/$3 million dollars

If you think that Ottavino deal was a steal for the Mets, Aaron Loup was even better than Ottavino was and was cheaper! Loup signed for $1 million dollars less and the Mets couldn't have asked for more than he gave.

The southpaw looked good for the Rays in the shortened 2020 season but other than that, hadn't been anything special in the majors. Justin Wilson was a reliable lefty the Mets had in 2019 and 2020, but he went to the Yankees for the 2021 season. That left the Mets scrambling.

I know I was not happy at the time to see Loup as the left-handed reliever the Mets would choose, but I'm proud to admit that I was wrong.

The veteran would post a 0.95 ERA in 65 appearances and 56.2 innings pitched. Yes, you read that right, 0.95! He allowed six earned runs in 56.2 innings, just phenominal.

Loup would have three separate stretches of 10+ appearances without allowing a single earned run. From July 5 to August 26, Loup would go 23 appearances and 19.1 innings pitched without allowing an earned run.

That streak was snapped when Juan Soto homered off of Loup, something you can't really be upset about. He then didn't allow a single earned run from that point until the end of the season, spanning 13 appearances and 12.1 innings pitched. Loup had a phenomenal run in his lone season as a Met.