5 best Mets contracts of the last 10 years

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3) NY Mets relief pitcher Adam Ottavino - 1 year/$4 million dollars

Adam Ottavino was the Mets big bullpen acquisition in the 2021 offseason and that rubbed a lot of Mets fans the wrong way. Losing Aaron Loup was a huge deal and the Mets did not make a big bullpen signing. Ottavino was coming off of two dreadful seasons in a row including a 2021 season that saw him walk 5.1 batters per nine in Boston.

Ottavino silenced all of his doubters very quickly with an unbelievable 2022 campaign for the Mets.

The right-hander would post a 2.06 ERA in 66 appearances and 65.2 innings pitched. He'd strike out 10.8 batters per nine while walking just 2.2 batters per nine. Ottavino was a guy who had struggled mightily with his command throughout the entirety of his career so seeing him throw strikes as consistently as he did was awesome.

Ottavino worked his way into the primary set-up role. His production was overshadowed by the absurd season Edwin Diaz had, and rightfully so, but Ottavino was unbelievable for the Mets. He'd come through virtually every time they needed him to and he'd even record three saves as the Mets sometimes would use Edwin Diaz in the eighth inning against a team's heart of the order.

The Mets rewarded Ottavino's efforts with a two-year $14.5 million dollar contract. That one is not as team friendly, but it doesn't have to be. He deserved it.