5 greatest calls of Gary Cohen's Mets broadcasting career

97th annual New York Baseball Writers' Dinner
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Greatest Gary Cohen Mets calls ever No. 4: Javier Baez's mad dash home on August 31, 2021.

This game represented an all-time Mets comeback. Down four runs entering the bottom of the ninth inning, the Mets stormed back with five runs to beat the Marlins, and it was capped by Javier Baez's signature moment in his brief two-month stint as a Met.

Cohen's call perfectly captured the excitement and the dramatic nature of everything that surrounded Baez in the days leading up to this. Baez had given a thumbs down signal to the fans that had criticized his performance, and it turned out to be a public relations disaster for the Mets. "Turn those thumbs around" exclaimed Cohen upon Baez, who scored all the way from first base on a single from Michael Conforto.

Greatest Gary Cohen Mets calls ever No. 3: Bartolo Colon's home run on May 7, 2016.

"The impossible has happened," said Gary Cohen upon watching Bartolo Colon stun the sports world by hitting his first career home run at the age of 42 in one of the most iconic regular season moments ever. It sounded like Cohen was about to lose his voice when saying "It's outta here."

Think of the folk legend Colon carved out for himself in his three seasons with the Mets as a fan favorite. One of the main components of it was that his at-bats, though he was a career .084 hitter. He would often lose his helmet by swinging too hard, he would carry the bat with him to first base at times, and his base hits were highlighted on SportsCenter on ESPN. But the granddaddy of them all was that home run off James Shields in San Diego.

Cohen agreed with the sentiment of Mets fans as it was one of the great moments ever, and he received the silent treatment from his teammates following this home run.