Mets beat writer cleverly jokes about the current misery of New York sports

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Al Bello/GettyImages

Who did what to make the sports gods angry? As we’re still trying to grieve the end of the New York Mets, the much-needed distraction of other local teams just isn’t there.

New York sports aren't in their golden age. Early October should have been a time of seeing the Mets and Yankees begin their playoff run. By now, there should've been some faith in seeing the Giants or Jets win the division or at least sneak in with a wild card spot.

It's not meant to be. As Tim Healey cleverly joked, the best thing going on in New York sports are the upcoming offseasons for the two baseball clubs.

The upcoming NY Mets offseason is already better than the local football clubs

Aaron Rodgers either did one calf raise too many or not enough. The 1-3 Jets may have nearly ruined Taylor Swift's Sunday night, but failed to quite grasp victory from the jaws of defeat. The Giants had their own shot only a day later. Fans were treated to another offensive performance that looked like it included Eric Campbell batting cleanup.

Zach Wilson and Daniel Jones now have all eyes on them with the MLB season over in the Big Apple; a rare occurrence for both the Mets and Yankees to miss the postseason. Mets fans looking for a local sporty distraction might find themselves much more interested in watching Yoshinobu Yamamoto highlights on Sunday than a football game.

The NBA and NHL seasons could offer some satisfaction from the misery. Can the Knicks take a step forward? Will the Nets remain a laughing stock or just be another irrelevant club with a star afraid to shoot a basketball?

The Rangers and Islanders always have potential to go on a run. Hockey is all about getting hot in the postseason. Does this mean New York sports fans will have to wait until late spring to feel good again?

Healey jokes yet there's a real brutal honesty there. Falling behind this quickly in the season does the Jets and Giants no favor. The Mets haven't played a truly meaningful game in two months. The Sunday escape for many sports fans might be just as relevant as an early September series against the Washington Nationals.