The Mets have outdone themselves with hilarious ad promoting Bartolo Colon's retirement

The ad to promote Bartolo Colon's retirement is perfection.
Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
Colorado Rockies v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Eat your heart out, Don Draper. If you thought the New York Mets Super Bowl commercial was good, this latest puts it to complete shame. The advertisement promoting the September 17 retirement of Bartolo Colon is one-of-a-kind and brilliant. It’s also about as funny of a sales pitch to get fans to buy tickets someone could ever create.

Colon is one of the more beloved Mets of his generation. Who doesn’t love an everyman style of player? His success and fun-loving persona during his tenure with the Mets has ensured he’ll never have to wave down a taxi in the Big Apple again. Uber drivers seek him out instead.

The Colon retirement scheduled for later this month is equally as much to honor him as it is to draw in fans. This advertisement does a great job at the latter.

NY Mets advertisement promoting Bartolo Colon’s retirement is perfect

The celebration of past players has been a clear goal of Steve Cohen. Number retirements and other ceremonies have grown in frequency. All are done with dignity and class. When it comes to Big Sexy, there's some tongue in the cheek humor added in. His whole stay in blue and orange had those kinds of moments. We can’t see a man pick up and jiggle his belly without thinking of Big Bart.

Colon being a member of the 2015 Mets certainly helps his reputation with the fans. Although the roster was jam-packed with homegrown players, veterans like him, Curtis Granderson, and Juan Uribe became favorites to varying degrees. The team was fun, successful, and the only pennant winner a whole generation has experienced.

There was only ever one way to promote this event and whoever came up with the idea for a cologne called Big Sexy to honor Colon is probably injured right now from all of the pats on their back they received.

Next is for Colon cologne to actually exist. What would it even smell like? Summer sweat and hot dogs seem appropriate. On second thought, maybe it's better to leave the idea in a parody advertisement.