Laughably bad Mets trade with the Yankees proposed by WFAN host

Who isn't surprised?
New York Mets v New York Yankees
New York Mets v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The NFL playoffs are nearing their end which means the dead point of winter sports is upon us. What does it mean for baseball? In some places, it’s time to make laughably bad trades between the New York Mets and Yankees.

No stranger to “what did he just say?” moments on middays on WFAN, Brandon Tierney took to Twitter to find out which Big Apple ball club would say “no” to this preposterous trade proposal.

Although some Mets fans weren’t willing to poo-poo the idea of sending Jeff McNeil to the Yankees for Gleyber Torres while adding a cheapened Giancarlo Stanton in the process, it’s trade ideas like this which have us pulling out our hair wondering if there is a fast-forward option on life to get to spring training. Give us Chad Smith on the mound for two innings to start the game. Anything but ridiculously nonsensical deals between two teams that just don’t work—especially for the Mets.

Maybe a Program Director change at WFAN isn’t going to alter how we feel about the station

Mets fans haven’t been delighted with the way many of the hosts at WFAN speak about the team. It’s not so much the trashing of the Mets as much as it is the lead stories about them tend to be trades like this.

Tierney wasn’t done either. In addition to his tweet, he went on air to discuss why the Mets should trade Pete Alonso.

So are the Mets trying to win with Torres replacing McNeil while attempting to salvage anything from Stanton as well or are they looking to trade their beloved cleanup hitter? In either case, both ideas fly in the face of everything this offseason is leading up to. It would be like spending the last two years changing a radio station around, splitting two partners who worked well together, and then the first chance you get to flee the city and get an on-air gig, you take it.


Listeners of WFAN, the ones who haven’t tuned out, will have learned of the departure of Program Director Spike Eskin by now. A guy who came from WIP in Philadelphia to New York with the simple goal of having hosts spew as many hot takes as possible, the obvious shift from a sports talk station we could all enjoy into something closer to ESPN has developed. Blaming the hosts would be easy if it wasn’t so contagious. While in the same position at WIP in Philadelphia, the formula of two hosts arguing has powered each and every daytime slot. Not quite there at WFAN, it has shifted much more closely to an arguing match or other inconsistent hot takes by hosts.

But enough about the further decline of an already dying medium. You came here for Mets chatter.

Why Brandon Tierney’s trade between the Mets and Yankees doesn’t work

McNeil on a team-friendly deal for Torres who is a free agent at the end of the year? No thank you. Let’s not create another hole for David Stearns to fill right now.

Stanton? Stanton? Stanton?!? Yankees fans were frustrated by him when he was good. He doesn’t play. He hasn’t hit in two seasons. The Mets could have just signed Joey Gallo if they were so in need of an all-or-mostly-nothing type of player. Unless the Yankees handed him over for free, it’s not a roster spot to occupy.

Needless to say, most of what Tierney says these days has been to get a reaction. Where’s Tiki Barber for some levity when he needs it? Oh, yeah. He’s partnered with a guy who doesn’t say outrageous things.