Baby Mets Power Rankings: Who's showing he belongs, who has the most work to do?

Which of the Baby Mets has shown the most staying power thus far?
New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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The big hype New York Mets prospects came to be known as the "Baby Mets" earlier this year. T-shirts were sold. Logos were created. Hype was lifted. Roofs were raised. You get the gist.

Overall, it has been a somewhat underwhelming performance. None are serious contenders for the Rookie of the Year honor. Only Mets pitcher Kodai Senga, hardly a “baby,” would have a chance to earn some big points in the balloting.

Nevertheless, fans are excited to see what the four Baby Mets can offer them for the remainder of this season and beyond. Looking at them based on how they’ve done, what they can do, and what we can expect, here’s how they rank.

4) Baby Mets Power Rankings: Mark Vientos

Even at his highest, the Mark Vientos hype wasn't as great as it was for any of the others on this list. He looks more and more like the right-handed half of a DH platoon or maybe a first baseman on a team with a little more championship patience. His lack of success at the MLB level confirms doubts about how the Mets can actually benefit from keeping him around. The scary thing is that if Vientos does figure it out after the Mets trade him, we're all going to feel terrible for losing such a great offensive weapon. Herein lies one of the problems. Beyond being an asset on offense, it doesn’t appear Vientos can offer very much.

3) Baby Mets Power Rankings: Brett Baty

A demotion, suspect defense, and an unproductive bat place Brett Baty in the third position. Growing doubts about where he fits into the team's plans have us already looking at third base alternatives. Baty had a huge opportunity to erase any second-guesses. Instead he has added more. Thanks in part to more playing time than Vientos, Baty does feel light years ahead of his fellow Baby Met. It’s too soon to break up with him. It’s also not too late to contemplate a future divorce.

2) Baby Mets Power Rankings: Ronny Mauricio

Consider Ronny Mauricio as a solid number two if only because he hasn't done a thing to drop further. His long awaited call up has started off well. Possibilities of where he'll play defensively are greater than any of these other prospects even if his defense isn't the sharpest. Nonetheless, experience at a wider variety of positions plus the power his bat has developed makes Mauricio the runner-up for now. Mauricio has started off so well with the Mets that he has made it impossible to say anything negative.

1) Baby Mets Power Rankings: Francisco Alvarez 

Francisco Alvarez has been an imperfect player. Yes, he hits for power. His ability to recognize potential pitch clock violations is the kind of "head on the game" asset the Wildcats in High School Musical demanded from the roster. Alvarez is an intelligent ballplayer with room to grow and signs he can. He tops the Baby Mets Power Rankings because of how certain he should all but that the catcher spot belongs to him next year. The others have challengers. Not this guy.