Handing out some original awards to Mets players in 2023

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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The "Please Come Back" award goes to Edwin Diaz and Pete Alonso

We're splitting another award here, but for two different reasons. The loss of Diaz before the season even began gave credence to the tinfoil hat crowd that believes in a Mets curse, and without him, the bullpen scuffled through the season, finishing with the 22nd-best ERA in the majors.

Alonso was again one of the best power hitters in baseball, slugging 46 homers and driving in 118 runs, all while overcoming trade rumors and baseless reports impugning his qualities as a clubhouse leader.

As the Mets look to the future, it's imperative that they get the old Edwin Diaz back after surgery to repair his torn ACL. Diaz was the best closer in baseball in 2022, and the quality of his stuff was matched only by the quality of his entrances.

David Stearns placated Mets fans in his introductory press conference when he extolled Alonso's virtues and said, "I expect Pete to be the Opening Day first basemen next year," but Mets fans won't be fully satisfied until the team signs Alonso to a long-term extension and puts the trade rumors to bed once and for all.