Beat writer Anthony DiComo has 4 trades for 4 reporters Mets fans should all say “yes” to

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2) NY Mets trade Dominic Smith, Jose Peroza, and cash for J.D. Martinez

DiComo tried to make this another pairing by including catcher Christian Vazquez. It works out well, though. In this hypothetical world, we already have Contreras behind the plate added to the club.

Jose Peroza is a prospect that hardly registers in the minds of Mets fans. He is a lower level one who may be a year or two away from being someone we start paying closer attention to.

Smith, meanwhile, is someone we all know well. It feels like a no-brainer to deal him for just about anyone right now. In this trade, the Mets are essentially giving up a major leaguer with no real purpose on the roster, a prospect, and some money for a chance to add a veteran right-handed bat. Although J.D. Martinez has a back that belongs on someone in their 50s, it’s not such an outrageous deal for the Mets to complete.

The one negative would be that it might be the only major bat they can add. Without spoiling the rest of the trades, DiComo failed to get any other transactions done. The Mets head out of this fictional MLB trade deadline with Contreras and Martinez added to the roster and very little pulled away from the farm system.

Before we go, let’s see how DiComo tried to add a few other pieces.