Beat writer Anthony DiComo has 4 trades for 4 reporters Mets fans should all say “yes” to

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Anthony DiComo knows the New York Mets pretty well. He covers them for and has a nice feel of exactly what they need.

In one of his recent stories, he came up with four trades for the Mets to make before the MLB trade deadline passes. Frankly, it’s hard to not say “yes” to any of them.

DiComo proposed these four trades to different beat writers of—take a guess-four different teams! The goal was clearly to have the prospects to get them all done without repeating. In the end, he was able to actually get two of them completed with minor changes.

1) NY Mets trade Calvin Ziegler and Joel Diaz for Willson Contreras

DiComo tried to include David Robertson in this deal. However, the Cubs beat writer balked at the idea. They would have had to include more and because this project is about making four big blockbuster trades, there wasn’t as much wiggle room to tack on a few more players.

Ziegler and Diaz for Contreras isn’t all that bad if paired with some other big moves. By itself, as the lone final trade deadline deal for the Mets, it might feel a little too much overpay for a rental.

Ziegler and Diaz are each expendable and a little too far down on the list of Mets prospects for them to hold onto. The greatest asset the Mets have is Steve Cohen’s wallet. If they suddenly stop producing high-level pitching prospects, they can buy some arms.

This is probably a wise trade to make even if the plan would be for Contreras to DH often. The problem with any deal for a catcher is what the Mets do behind the plate specifically. It’s not discussed what happens to Tomas Nido. Maybe he ends up DFA’d or in a more minor trade elsewhere.