3 Mets who will be All-Stars, 3 who are deserving but will fall short

New York Mets v Colorado Rockies
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2) Mets centerfielder Brandon Nimmo won't get an All-Star spot

Brandon Nimmo has had a really good season and a season and the Mets should be happy they brought him back. He's been able to get on base, draw walks and come up with clutch hits, but he's been overlooked and not talked about as much. That is why he will not be an All-Star this season. It is crazy to think that he's been in the league for eight seasons now and has not been an All-Star yet and that trend will continue.

They're just a bunch of outfielders in the National League who are much more talented than Nimmo. This is not a knock on Brandon Nimmo, he is a really good player and does a great job to get on base and can really flash the leather, he is just overlooked by other players. Nimmo just does not have the power that these other players do.

There have been other outfielders who produce more with the bat and have more power with those being Ronald Acuña Jr, Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts and even former Met Michael Conforto who has a really good first season with the San Francisco Giants.

Nimmo is a really good player don't get me wrong, he is just simply overlooked by a crowded field of outfielders in the National League. I am happy the Mets brought him back on a long-term deal, but unless he changes a lot more with the bat and shows off his power like these other National League outfielders have, I'm afraid he won't get an All-Star selection.