3 Mets who will be All-Stars, 3 who are deserving but will fall short

New York Mets v Colorado Rockies
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3) Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez will be an All-Star

If Mets catcher Fransico Alvarez is not an All-Star this season, something is wrong. This kid was not supposed to be this good after he struggled so much late last season and during Spring Training but it has all changed for the better for Francisco Alvarez so don't be surprised if he's on his way to Seattle for the Mid-Summer Classic.

He's second in the National League in home runs with seven next to Atlanta Braves catcher Sean Murphy which is pretty good company. And next Murphy, there's a really good argument that Fransisco Alvarez is the second best catcher in the National League East and possibly the entire National League.

Think about it, Alvarez was only hitting in the low .200's around the middle of May and now it is up to near .270's, just so impressive. He's also gotten a lot better on defense and has showcased that he's got a really good arm behind the plate and has proved that he can be the Mets catcher for the future. Alvarez has also developed into a hitter who has avoided chasing pitches out of the zone he did so much during his rookie season and when he was first called up this season. He has finally matured at the plate and it is hard not to vote against Francisco Alvarez for the All-Star game. His power is now on full display just as he showed in the minors and like I said besides Braves backstop Sean Murphy, Alvarez is a top catcher in the National League right now if he keeps this pace up.