3 Mets who will be All-Stars, 3 who are deserving but will fall short

New York Mets v Colorado Rockies
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It is hard to believe that it's that time of year again to begin voting for players to be in the MLB All-Star Game. It feels like it has not been that long ago since Opening Day, but now fans can begin voting for their favorite MLB players to play in the Mid-Summer Classic this year in Seattle. That mean's you New York Mets fans!

So with voting now underway, which Mets players should be in the game this year? Obviously, there have been players who are playing at an all-star type level that we expected and there are some that have surprised in both good and bad ways. Some players have overachieved and some who we thought would have breakout years have underachieved. But with a crowded field of MLB stars this year, which three New York Mets players are guaranteed locks to be selected and which ones are having good years but probably won't make it?

1) Mets first baseman Pete Alonso will be an All-Star

This should really come to no surprise for baseball fans everywhere, Pete Alonso is having a crazy start to his season and should be a guaranteed lock to be a starter for the National League in the All Star Game. He leads the league in home runs has been to the Mid-Summer Classic in two of the five years he's been in the league so far.

Plus, there is not many first basemen in the NL that I would say is better than Alonso right now. Sure, Paul Goldschmidt is having a good year for the St. Louis Cardinals so far, but he's not putting up lights out stats like Alonso is right now. So, I don't see any first basemen in my opinion in the National League right now who's deserving of an all-star appearance over Pete Alonso.