3 best All-Star fits Mets GM Billy Eppler should trade for

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3) NY Mets should trade for All-Star Joe Mantiply

There is little debate over whether or not the Mets should trade for Joe Mantiply. The man has been on fire this season out of the Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen. He also happens to be a lefty which they desperately need for their bullpen right now. If there’s one All-Star the Mets really need, it’s him.

As short on offense as the team can be on some days, including this past Sunday, a left-handed reliever is not something you want to fool around with. There are plenty of non-All-Stars for the DH spot the Mets can trade for. The left-handed relief options, however, are far less available. They can become incredibly coveted, too.

Mantiply is 31 and apparently a late-bloomer. He is nowhere near free agency right now with arbitration yet to even kick in for him. He only recently topped a full year of MLB service which means he’s a guy you might have to pay a steep price to land because of low-cost years in the future for him.

The Diamondbacks will have to ask themselves if Mantiply actually is a part of their future. They might be wiser to strike a deal with the Mets for some young talent and capitalize on his All-Star campaign. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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