The New York Mets All-Irish team for St. Patrick's Day

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Ralph Kiner: This is Ralph “McPherran” Kiner welcoming you to the official New York Mets All-Irish team. Before I hand things over to my TV buddy Tim McArthur, who will tell you all about the next at-bat for the Mets catcher Gary Cooper, to everyone who is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day today I want to send along my wishes for a happy birthday.

Tim McCarver: Thank you, Ralph. This is Tim McCarver bringing you the pitchers for the Mets All-Irish team. Gary Carter isn’t here, Ralph. He’s not Irish. But let me tell you about a few players who are as Irish as a Shillelagh.

The New York Mets All-Irish team for St. Patrick's Day - The Pitchers:

Our first man up is Irish born P. J. Conlon (2018). Conlon was born in the Irish port city of Belfast. He proudly displayed his Irish roots by wearing a special glove with the colors of the Irish flag on it. The next relief pitcher is Irish citizen Ryan O’Rourke (2019). O’Rourke, a Massachusetts native with Irish-born grandparents, decided to pursue dual citizenship so he could pitch for Ireland in the World Baseball Classic. The All-Irish bullpen is rounded out by Tim Burke (1991-1992), Greg McMichael (1997-1999), Chuck McElroy (1999). Colin McHugh (2012-2013) and Sean Gilmartin (2015-2018).

The closers on our team are Roger McDowell (1985-1989) and Tug McGraw (1965-1974). McGraw once received a nice raise in a new contract. Asked what he might do with all this money, McGraw allegedly replied: "Ninety per cent I'll spend on good times, women, and Irish whiskey. The other 10 per cent I'll probably waste."

Let’s move along and meet our starting pitchers. Our Mets All-Irish starting rotation consists of Nolan Ryan (1966-1971), Tim Leary (1981-1984), Terry Leach (1981-1989), Jim McAndrew (1968-1973), and David Cone (1987-1992). In reserve we have the half Irish Matt Harvey (2012-2018). Make sure to keep them away from the green beer and corned beef until after the game..

Ralph Kiner: Roger McDowell had 84 saves in his career with the Mets. All of them were in relief.
Tim McCarver: Now to take you along to the hitters on the Mets All-Irish team, here’s the radio voice of the New York Mets Mr. Bob Murphy.

The New York Mets All-Irish team for St. Patrick's Day - The Hitters:

Bob Murphy: Well, thank you very kindly, Mr. McCarver. It’s a beautiful day at the ballpark, with white puffy cumulus clouds moving lazily across the clear blue sky. Let’s start with the Mets All-Irish infield.
Ralph Kiner: It’s a well known fact that most solo home runs come with nobody on base.

At first base, he is part-Irish on his mother’s side, Keith Hernandez (1983-1989). At second base we have the hero of the Mets 2015 playoff run, Daniel Murphy (2008-2015). The shortstop is the slick fielding Roy McMillan (1964-1966). Third base has always been a difficult position, so we’ll go with 2022 NL batting champion Jeff McNeil (2018-Present). He’s usually a second baseman but he has spent time at third base and the outfield. On the bench there is Joe McEwing (2000-2004), Jeff McKnight (1992-1994) and Doug Flynn (1977-1981).

In the outfield, there’s Kevin McReynolds (1987-1991), in left field, Brian McRae (1997-1999) in center field and Dave Gallagher (1992-1993) around in right. In reserve we have Ty Kelly (2016-2017) and Tom O’Malley (1989-1990).

It’s quite crowded behind the plate as the Mets have had a slew of Irish catchers. The nod goes to Todd Hundley (1990-1998) who once hit 71 home runs over a two year span. Honorable mention goes to James McCann (2021-2022), Mike Fitzgerald (1983-1984), Duffy Dyer (1968-1974) and Charlie O’Brien (1990-1993).

The New York Mets All-Irish team for St. Patrick's Day - A Happy Recap:

Tim McCarver: Are you ready to give a happy recap of today's events, Bob?
Bob Murphy: Why don’t we just let Ralph do a post-game edition of Kiner’s Korner?        
Ralph Kiner: Welcome to Kiner’s Korner. I’m your host, Ralph Korner. We’ll be back after this word from Manufacturers Hangover.

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