Aaron Judge is chasing a Bartolo Colon home run record

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This would probably get filed into weird baseball news and/or connections. When Bartolo Colon hit his epic home run for the New York Mets, he set a new standard. Apparently, no one of his size and age had ever gone yard according to Tom Verduccui.

What does this have to do with Aaron Judge? Because of the length of his contract, Judge is chasing after Colon’s hitting a home run after 37 and being over 270 pounds record.

This isn’t the kind of record you’ll find in too many MLB encyclopedias. It is, nonetheless, a Mets record held by one of the most fun pitchers and temporary sluggers the franchise has known.

Aaron Judge is chasing a home run record hit by Mets legend Bartolo Colon

Judge already secured himself the American League home run record in 2022. If you’re a fan of asterisks, it’s the most ever hit by a clean player.

What’s more of a fact is how Judge is trending toward breaking Colon’s dubious home run record no one knew existed—until Verducci pointed it out. Players over 37 are usually not swatting too many home runs. Even rarer is the athlete over 270 pounds still swinging a bat. Combine the two and we have a lethal combination.

Judge is built far differently than Colon was in his Mets days. An athlete of any shape or size is still an athlete. And until Judge gets a little deeper into his new contract signed with the Yankees, Colon will remain the only player over 37 and 270 pounds to ever go yard in a Major League Baseball game.

What happens when Judge goes deep more than once? That’s the time when Colon comes out of retirement, gets a gig as a DH, and tries to retake his crown.

Colon does swing right-handed. Perhaps he could be the platoon partner we didn’t know we needed to pair up with Daniel Vogelbach. Can you imagine the fun that’d be to have those two together on the same team?

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