9 Mets players on the 40-man roster who don't deserve a role in 2024

Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
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The New York Mets have wrapped up aruably the most disappointing season in franchise history having played a grand total of zero meaningful games in 2023. The Mets entered the season with World Series aspirations and wound up playing for higher lottery odds after selling at the trade deadline.

The 2024 season should be different. The Mets have a completely revamped farm system, have young players improving by the day, and a whole lot of money to spend while also already having a core with several all-stars. There's every reason to believe this team will be competitive next season, but they'll have to part with several players who are currently on the 40-man roster who should have no role.

1) Phil Bickford does not deserve a role on the 2024 NY Mets

The Mets were clear sellers at the deadline, parting with veterans like Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Tommy Pham, Mark Canha, and others in exchange for prospects. They had their eye on 2024 and for good reason. One move the Mets did make that could be considered somewhat of a buyer move was acquiring Phil Bickford and Adam Kolarek in a trade with the Dodgers in exchange for cash.

One reason the Mets made this move was the team simply needed arms to get them through the season. The Dodgers were fine with parting with two experienced arms for nothing, so the Mets jumped at the chance. The other reason the Mets did this was to see if these guys were worth keeping around in 2024. The answer turned out to be no.

Kolarek was DFA'd in August after pitching well for New York, but Bickford has remained with the club. The right-hander has had some effective outings and his 4.81 ERA isn't atrocious when compared to other arms this team has rostered, but he's nothing more than a depth arm and considering the fact that he's out of options and is entering arbitration this offseason, there's no reason to keep him around. The Mets can certainly do better in free agency.