6 Mets players who won’t survive the trade deadline

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Mets designated hitter, Daniel Vogelbach continues to be a valuable trade target

Mets fans have suffered greatly from Daniel Vogelbach's performance this season. The Mets' designated hitter has not shown the consistency of power the team expected.

However, Vogelbach has been showing an improvement in his power. During June he hit three home runs in a span of nine games, indicating an improvement in the launch angle of his swing.

Advanced metrics show that Vogelbach has been having trouble getting the ball up. His hard-hit contact is at a career-high, hovering around 50%, while his chase rate and BB% remain league elites in the top 5% of MLB.

However, his launch angle has dropped, which has increased his ground ball hits by more than 14 points. As this angle of hitting the ball rises, Vogelbach will generate more offensive production.

Regardless of this, his profile and contract, from which he earns just $1.5 million this season, with control for one more year, may draw the attention of some teams. The Cleveland Guardians may be a perfect fit for Vogelbach, as well as the Miami Marlins.

Vogelbach's return could be around a prospect near No. 30 in the ranking of interested teams. Vogelbach may be one of the fastest-traded Mets team figures this summer.