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Mets outfielder market, Mark Canha can move fast

Mark Canha came to the Mets in the 2022 season offseason on a 2-year, $20 million contract that expires after this season. However, Canha has a club option worth around $12 million with a $2 million buyout.

Canha has been a productive outfielder in his career. He is a contact hitter with excellent plate discipline and striking ability for teams looking for players with this profile.

Canha is having a similar season to 2022. He has increased his walk percentage and hard-hit contact, while his strikeout percentage continues to decline.

A relevant aspect of Canha's perseverance as a hitter is his approach to straight pitches. Canha is hitting the fastball generally above .300, with an SLG above .500, and is generating a reduction in his swing and miss.

Canha's market will be interesting since many teams will want the services of an outfielder with his hitting profile at the plate and at the cost that a player like him entails. Canha's return may be high for a player of his ability, but it will depend on whether the Mets decide to cover in addition to the 2023 salary, the buyout, or part of the 2024 salary.

Teams like the New York Yankees, the Houston Astros, and the Cleveland Guardians would be the first to offer the services of this outfielder. A prospect ranked in the top 18-20 range could be the return generated by Canha, which could include another prospect outside the top 30, depending on how much the Mets cover.