6 Mets players who won’t survive the trade deadline

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The return on a trade for Brooks Raley could be very good for the Mets

The mid-year reliever market is always in high demand, but even more so if you are a left-handed reliever. It's hard to find an efficient left-handed pitcher in high-leverage situations, and Brooks Raley suited that trait.

Raley is having a better season than the one he posted with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2022. With a promising ERA, his efficiency has been in limiting hard contact, ranking in the top 2% in the league in hard-hit contact allowed.

Within this reliever's arsenal, the sweeper is turning out to be the best pitch for this veteran. The opposition is hitting this pitch below .200 and is generating an elite number of swings and misses this season.

Multiple teams could be interested in the services of Brooks Raley who has a $6,500,000 club option for 2024. The fact that he is a controllable pitcher for one more season and that Steve Cohen is inclined to absorb contracts may imply a good return for the Mets.

Teams like the Los Angeles Angels, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Tampa Bay Rays themselves would be among the main interested parties in Raley. Given the above, the Mets could get a top 15-20 prospect plus another top 25-30 prospect.