6 Mets players who won’t survive the trade deadline

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Despite a bad year, the Mets could trade Carlos Carrasco

The history of Carlos Carrasco and the Mets has not been a good one. Since he arrived in the trade that brought Francisco Lindor to Queens, Carrasco has suffered a series of health problems and inconsistency on the mound that has not been what the Mets expected of him.

Despite this, the Mets starter's 2022 season wasn't bad. Carrasco managed to get an ERA below 4.00 thanks to the effectiveness of his changeup that kept opponents hitting 0.43.

This year things have not gone well for the veteran pitcher, with his fastball and changeup being punished due to problems with the location of these pitches. As a result, Carrasco is having his worst year in terms of strikeouts and walks of his career.

Multiple teams need starting pitchers and some are looking for more than one candidate to fill various spots in their pitching rotations. Arizona Diamondbacks, Tampa Bay Rays, and Baltimore Orioles would be three organizations that could turn their interest toward a pitcher like Carrasco as a starter option back end on their teams.

Although the Mets would be assuming the entire salary of Carlos Carrasco, the return of this pitcher would not be very high unless he can show flashes of improvement as in some previous outings. The Mets can count on a return of some top 25-30 prospects as the best-case scenario in a trade for Carrasco.