6 Mets players who won’t survive the trade deadline

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The market could turn interesting for Mets closer David Robertson

On dates close to the trade deadline, demand for relievers grows exorbitantly in MLB. The need for efficient bullpen arms is key for teams competing for a postseason berth and beyond.

David Robertson emerges for the second year in a row as a flashy piece for contending teams looking for a solution in their bullpen. Throughout 2023 Robertson has done a great job filling in for Edwin Diaz in the back end of the Mets bullpen.

Robertson has been efficient this year on the mound, posting a similar level of strikeout percentage as he did in 2022 but at the same time dropping his number of walks by more than five percentage points. These results are due to an improvement in his cutter, achieving a higher spin rate and leaving the opposition hitting under .150.

Teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, and Texas Rangers need multiple bullpen options. In the case of the Rangers, in addition to having acquired Aroldis Chapman, they still need arms to complement the starting pitching.

Looking at the return the Kansas City Royals got on Aroldis Chapman in the trade he sent to the Texas Rangers, the Mets would not get much for Robertson. However, as we get closer to the deadline, the teams are becoming more desperate, which would help the Mets get at least one trade for a top prospect within the top 20 or two above the top 25.