6 Mets players who won’t survive the trade deadline

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets
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The New York Mets have just come off one of the worst months in their history as a team. After a disastrous month of June, the team looks complicated in its sights to reach the position in the postseason this year.

The Mets could be a rare combination this summer, being sellers of those rental-type players as they seek to add depth to their farm system. Additionally, they could be buyers of some controllable players in the interest of staying competitive this year and still competing in 2024. Regardless of the move, these players will certainly not be with the Mets past the trade deadline date.

Mets outfielder, Tommy Pham, will be an eye-catching trade target for several teams

Since late May, Tommy Pham has been one of the most consistent Mets hitters. Pham has been successful this season by hitting the ball harder, decreasing his strikeout propensity, and increasing his walks.

Pham ranks in the top 10% in hard-hit contact and the top 5% in expected batting quality as measured by the xwOBA. Likewise, he has reduced his propensity to hit ground balls, which has guaranteed a positive result.

Tommy Pham is an attractive target for teams in need of an outfield player with power and contact. Teams would not have to pay even a minimum portion of the one-year, $6 million contract he signed with the Mets earlier in the season, a move by the front office that seeks to maximize the return on his rental players.

Teams like the Texas Rangers, Cleveland Guardians, and the Miami Marlins would be among those interested in Pham's services. While the return would not be very high, the Mets could get at least one top-20 prospect from those teams by complementing with a non-top-30 prospect.