The 5 worst current MLB contracts we're thankful the Mets avoided adding to the payroll

These contracts are aging poorly and could've been on the Mets payroll.
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5) Lucas Giolito

Everybody and their mothers wanted the Mets to sign Lucas Giolito this past offseason. He made total sense. A short-term prove it deal for the 29-year-old righty with some good seasons in the past fit right into the mold of what David Stearns was trying to accomplish. He ended up with the Boston Red Sox on what has become a disastrous waste of money.

Giolito will get paid $18 million this year to recover from Tommy John Surgery. He didn’t throw a single pitch in the regular season nor will he. Next year, he has a player option. Undoubtedly something he’ll take advantage of, the Red Sox owe him another $19 million guaranteed. There is a $14 million team option for 2026 which could turn out to benefit the Red Sox. Financially, it’s a disaster with all of the money they’ll pay him first.

There’s no telling whether or not Giolito would have ended up with a major injury if he signed with the Mets instead. In fact, we can’t assume Baez would be so terrible, Bryant would fall off a Rocky Mountain, etc. if they were members of the Amazins. Nevertheless, we can rejoice with some solace knowing it’s somebody else’s problem to deal with.