The 5 worst current MLB contracts we're thankful the Mets avoided adding to the payroll

These contracts are aging poorly and could've been on the Mets payroll.
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2) Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant seemed perfect for the Mets, didn’t he? As either a third baseman or outfielder, many of us wanted him. What is it with those 2016 World Series Champion Cubs players? Maybe 2016 is just further behind than we like to admit.

Bryant ended up with an even bigger contract than Baez. He signed for seven years and $182 million to join the Colorado Rockies. The deal happened the same winter as Baez with the Mets, instead, choosing to go the shorter term route with players like Eduardo Escobar and Mark Canha to fill needs Bryant could have.

Bryant hasn’t been particularly good for Colorado. His bigger issue has been health. He played in only 42 games in 2022. In 2023, he did appear in 80 but with only a .233/.313/.367 slash line and 10 home runs.

The 2016 MVP has also become more of a DH than a player who actually brings any value on defense. We can debate which deal would’ve been worse for the Mets. At least Baez is healthy and can field. Bryant isn’t doing much of anything even with 81 games on the schedule in a hitter’s paradise.