5 way too early Mets trade deadline predictions

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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4) NY Mets trade deadline prediction: No major prospects are dealt

Who will the Mets give up at the trade deadline? My prediction is they hold on tightly to all of their major prospects. They will, instead, go the route of searching for the best fits rather than the biggest names.

All of the players mentioned already could be acquired without giving up any of their “big six.” This list includes Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, Ronny Mauricio, Matt Allan, Mark Vientos, and Alex Ramirez. Those are the six the Mets cannot afford to lose right now although there is definitely an argument to make for them to shop Mauricio. While I do agree he’ll get traded at some point, there really isn’t the perfect player for them to trade him away for this summer.

The rest of the farm system can be up for grabs. As high as some people are on Dominic Hamel and Calvin Ziegler, they are not untouchable. Nor is anyone else in the minor leagues whether they are playing well or not.

The farm system isn’t all that great in terms of trades but that shouldn’t stop New York from acquiring some solid pieces. Shopping in the rental section and looking at possible salary dump options can get them the pieces they need without depleting the farm system.