5 way too early Mets trade deadline predictions

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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3) NY Mets trade deadline prediction: A lefty bat to pair with J.D. Davis at DH

In addition to a left-handed arm, the Mets could really use a left-handed bat. I’m predicting they find one. Maybe it’s simply a switch-hitter who can be paired with J.D. Davis for significant action as a DH.

The Mets have very little left-handed power on the roster. Sure, Francisco Lindor occasionally drives one from that side of the plate. Others, like Brandon Nimmo, aren’t completely void of power either. But expecting them to go yard often is setting yourself up for disappointment.

I don’t think the Mets end up getting any of the big name position player trade targets. Frankly, they don’t need that kind of offensive firepower added to the roster. They benefit more from plugging multiple holes with a few squirts of caulk than calling in a contractor to fix the whole wall.

A few names to consider could be anyone from a salary dump deal involving Charlie Blackmon to someone with a little more outfield readiness like Tyler Naquin. The Mets shouldn’t be in the market for a DH-exclusive player. That’s far too limiting.

And with Mark Vientos in line for a possible promotion later this year if he can continue to hit for power, they should look only at players that can hit from the left side. They have enough right-handed options. Limit the market and find a lefty option. They also don't have to keep Davis on the big league roster. Unless he starts to hit, maybe the Mets consider Vientos or Francisco Alvarez as the right-handed option to pair with a lefty.