5 under-the-radar Mets trade candidates if the team sells this summer

The Mets could be selling more than just players on expiring contracts.
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5) Sean Reid-Foley

Completely out of options, Sean Reid-Foley is someone the Mets either need to commit to or move this summer. Relief pitchers are accustomed to leaving at the end of July. Reid-Foley should get familiar with it as he’ll probably bounce around with several teams in the near future.

The exceptionally good start he has gotten off to this season should have other teams considering him as a mercenary for a playoff run. He shouldn’t cost a whole lot. For some firepower out of the bullpen, Reid-Foley is a controllable piece a more patient ball club could use in relief for several years.

Reid-Foley doesn’t quite seem to fit into the plans for the Mets in the future. Already given several chances in the past, he has struggled to make a significant enough of an impact until this season. There’s also still time for him to revert back to his old ways. Based on the way Stearns built the bullpen this year, we should expect him to have little attachment to anyone—particularly a pitcher who began the year on the bubble and might’ve been DFA’d if not for a well-timed injury which allowed him to go to the IL.

The Mets have no true urgency to trade Reid-Foley and perhaps he does survive the trade deadline only to end up back in a spring competition for the bullpen yet again. He’ll turn 29 in August. Maybe, finally, this is the SRF we’ve been waiting for since the 2021 Steven Matz trade.