5 toughest decisions the Mets have to make this offseason

Aug 13, 2022; New York City, New York, USA;  New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom (48) at
Aug 13, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom (48) at / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports
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3) NY Mets toughest decisions they will need to make in the next 6 months: Who do the Mets extend?

The Mets are one of the older teams in baseball but still have some players that haven't reached free agency yet. The two names I believe the Mets can and should look into extensions for this offseason include Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil.

Alonso I believe is a must-sign. He might not be the franchise player, but he's the best hitter on the team. Before his recent struggles he was their MVP and probably a top-five league MVP candidate.

Alonso is 27 years old and will hit free agency after the 2024 season. The longer the Mets wait to get an extension done, the more expensive he will get. Locking him up now will save the Mets length and AAV most likely.

The other big extension candidate is Jeff McNeil. Prior to the season, McNeil was shopped around, and thankfully the Mets didn't trade him.

The issue with McNeil is he is already 30. He has two more years of control on his deal and will look to cash in as he will likely only get one big free agency contract. Do the Mets commit to years starting with his age 32 season?

McNeil has been a huge piece for the Mets and I'd hate to see him go but it's definitely not a slam dunk in either direction. On one hand, McNeil is an all-star and a team trying to win should never let an all-star go. On the other hand, he's going to be an older player when the contract kicks in with a game that relies on shift-beating hits.

Just like Alonso, the longer the Mets wait the more expensive he will get. If they don't do it now an extension becomes harder to justify.