5 Mets stories we can look forward to unfolding this summer

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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5) How far the front office goes to building a contender

The Mets front office was criticized last summer because of how little they did at the deadline. They brought in Javier Baez as their big bat, Trevor Williams as their pitching depth piece, and Rich Hill to solve a rotation issue. It wasn’t a bad trade deadline for the Mets; it just wasn’t nearly enough for what they needed.

This year, the Mets may need even less although it’s too soon to really tell which market they’ll be shopping in. A single strained oblique can completely change which aisle they shop in. The Mets will be buying. How far are they willing to go?

All signs point to the Mets having a willingness to go above and beyond what other teams will do. There’s a lot invested in the current roster. What good is it if the season ends after 162 games?

Expect a limit as to how far the Mets will go in terms of which prospects they will or won’t give up. They hoped to build the best roster they could in the offseason. In my opinion, they were successful. Outside of injuries, there are few holes they may need to fill.

Late July and early August centers on the MLB trade deadline. Thereafter, a lot of talk will involve whether or not the team did enough and how the new players are performing. It’s an annual storyline to watch. This year, fans are hoping for a happier ending.

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