5 Mets stories we can look forward to unfolding this summer

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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4) How future Mets free agents perform in their walk years

The Mets have a lot of free agents at the end of this season. Notably, Jacob deGrom has already said he will opt-out of his deal. Then there’s center fielder Brandon Nimmo and closer Edwin Diaz at the top of the class. Others are potentially headed out of New York when the season is through.

Players in walk years are watched a little more closely. How they perform will factor a lot into where they end up in the following season. Last year, Mets fans watched on as Michael Conforto saw his free agent stock go into a bear market. This year, with a championship more seriously on the line, they’ll hope the same doesn’t happen with key players like Nimmo and Diaz.

The place where the Mets have the most free agents is in the bullpen. Trevor May, Seth Lugo, Trevor Williams, and a few others are set to hit the open market after this season is over. It’s from this group we should expect fewer players to return given how often relief pitchers tend to change teams.

Also worth watching, Chris Bassitt has a mutual option for 2023 which could pay him $19 million. If he performs like an ace, he’d probably waive it. If he struggles mightily, the Mets will want to stay away. A performance closer to the middle would have the two sides giving it another go.