5 Mets stories we can look forward to unfolding this summer

St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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3) The Francisco Lindor redemption tour 2022

The relationship between Francisco Lindor and the common Mets fan is completely mended with a few exceptions. Some people will never accept him because of hos poorly he played in 2021 and the way he reacted to getting booed. It also doesn’t help that he has the biggest contract in franchise history. For some reason, this always makes some fans hate a player.

Lindor is on a redemption tour in 2022. He is playing much better baseball even if some numbers would suggest otherwise. He’s far closer to his career averages than some people may realize. As long as he is producing runs by scoring or knocking them in while playing good defense at shortstop, the redemption tour will be a success.

Lindor has been a streaky player for the team over his year and a half with them. This may never change. It might just be a part of the way he plays fans will need to accept. As long as he doesn’t fully heat up in late September again while the team is out of the playoff picture, his contributions will matter a whole lot more.

So far this season, Lindor has been a much better player in every way. His attitude appears different, too. He seems ready to embrace whatever is thrown his way—even a hotel room door.