5 Mets predictions we all wish we made before the season began

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Mets prediction we wish we made: Francisco Lindor wins the MVP

What about Francisco Lindor becoming the first MVP in Mets history? It’s not so outlandish. Before joining the Mets, Lindor had several seasons with Cleveland when he was in contention.

From 2016-2018, Lindor finished in the top ten of the American League MVP vote. In 2019, he settled for a 15th-place finish.

Lindor’s mix of power, speed, and Gold Glove defense are what makes him a threat to win the MVP. While someone like deGrom can get into the competition with a historic pitching season and Alonso has his name mentioned because of the power and all of the goodness that comes with it, Lindor will join the discussion because of his overall game. He may not lead the league in much and he can still have one of the best seasons in baseball.

An RBI title for Alonso will go a long way toward Lindor making his MVP plea. He’ll be someone driven in frequently by Alonso. Lindor isn’t necessarily there to drive in runs as much as his presence in the number three slot should be to score them.

The season has kicked off favorably for Lindor in his 2022 redemption tour. Two home runs at Citi Field’s opener got the fans on his side immediately. If he’s even back to his average self, Lindor should receive consideration for the biggest award a Mets player has never won.

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