5 Mets predictions we all wish we made before the season began

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Mets prediction we wish we made: Pete Alonso is going to win an RBI title

Pete Alonso is a beast at driving in runs and he should have a great chance to do something only one other Mets player ever has: lead the league in RBI. Alonso drives in a lot of runs with home runs. He’s also capable of doing it with lesser hits as well.

The key for him will be to make the most of each runner in scoring position he has as he steps up to the plate. One way he has accomplished this is with sacrifice flies. In the home opener, Alonso had two in one game after his 5 RBI performance two days prior in Philadelphia.

Alonso will benefit greatly from an improvement at the top of the Mets order. This includes any combination of Starling Marte, Brandon Nimmo, and the return .300-hitting Jeff McNeil.

Add in Francisco Lindor batting in the number three spot and performing at a high level, Alonso should have more RBI opportunities than he knows what to do with.

Last year, as the Mets bats struggled, Alonso remained one of the most consistent. He fell shy of 100 RBI by 6. This year, if health favors him, it shouldn’t be a problem. Alonso will probably start as much as possible with occasional DH opportunities allowing him to rest a little more.

Many of us were expecting big things again from the Polar Bear in 2022. With a few games now in the rearview, an RBI title prediction seems to be a good one.