5 Mets predictions we all wish we made before the season began

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Al Bello/GettyImages
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How are your preseason predictions for the New York Mets looking right now? It’s okay if you missed on a couple. You’re not Biff Tannen. You’re only working with gut feel and educated guesses, not sports almanacs.

Now two full weeks into the season, it’s time to redo some predictions; sort of.

Based on what we have seen from the Mets thus far, things are looking pretty positive. If only we had been bold enough to make these predictions with someone in Las Vegas a few weeks ago we might be able to afford that new addition on our homes—if only you could ever get a contractor to show up for the appointment.

Mets prediction we wish we made: The starting rotation will be the best in baseball even without Jacob deGrom

The Mets starting rotation has been brilliant in the early part of the season. The most amazing part of it: they’ve done it without a pitch from Jacob deGrom.

Somehow, the Mets starting rotation has managed to be one of the best in baseball despite not having the best pitcher in baseball present. deGrom’s injury should have at least knocked the Mets down a few spots among the best rotations in the game. Instead, everyone is stepping up.

It’s still early and those round numbers in the players’ ERAs will get a little more crooked as time goes on. Still, who would have guessed the Mets would be this okay without their number one starter?

Question: is it really possible to move around the earth fast enough to reverse time like in Superman?