5 Mets players who won’t be on the roster next season

The Mets roster will have a different look in 2024.
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5) Rafael Ortega will not be on the NY Mets roster next season

Like Arauz, Rafael Ortega was promoted immediately after the deadline to simply play out the rest of the season. The Mets felt that their prospects weren't ready right away, so instead of rushing them up, the Mets decided to promote some players who are really nothing more than Quadruple-A players.

Unlike Arauz, Ortega has had some MLB success. He had a great year in 2021, hitting .291 with an .823 OPS in 103 games for the Cubs, but struggled last season for Chicago in more games.

The Mets are Ortega's sixth team, and his tenure with them has had similar results to all of the others except for the Cubs. Ortega has slashed .229/.333/.389 with one home run and six RBI. Nothing special there.

Ortega is a decent defender with the ability to play center field, can make contact, and runs fairly well. He's not the worst fourth outfielder option in the world, but even a guy like Tim Locastro who might not be as good of a hitter but can really impact a game on the base paths is a better option to me.

The 32-year-old hasn't really stuck anywhere in his MLB career, and that trend will hold true as he won't be on the Mets roster in 2024.