5 Mets players who won’t be on the roster next season

The Mets roster will have a different look in 2024.
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2) Carlos Carrasco will not be on the NY Mets roster next season

When Carlos Carrasco landed on the IL after fracturing his pinky, it felt like his Mets tenure had officially come to an end. There were some good times last season, but rough stretches in 2021 and 2023 are what he'll mostly be remembered for.

The Mets had high hopes for Cookie entering this season as he had come off a strong year in the back of their rotation in the 2022 campaign. The Mets accepted his club option expecting him to be a strong fifth starter, but he had been anything but when healthy.

The right-hander had a 6.80 ERA in his 20 starts and 90 innings pitched. Yes, he couldn't even reach 100 innings in 20 starts meaning he averaged fewer than five innings per start. Carrasco had a couple of good outings, mainly his eight scoreless innings that came out of nowhere in Arizona, but he's looked mostly uncompetitive when he's taken the ball this season.

Carrasco is now 36 years old, has had trouble staying healthy, and is hitting free agency. It's almost certain the Mets will let him walk or watch him retire. They need to bring in at least a couple of free agent starting pitchers, and one of the spots they need to replace is Carrasco's.