5 surprise Mets players who helped the team win during the Francisco Lindor slump

New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers
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5) D.J. Stewart

A few weeks ago, Mets fans were calling for Stewart's head. Since the beginning of the campaign, the team expected a temporary transition for Stewart to the big team until J.D. Martinez was ready to go up but Martinez's discomfort made Stewart's stay longer.

Stewart's start in 2024 was disastrous. However, after a few series, the contact of the Mets' designated hitter began to appear on time, along with great discipline at the plate.

Stewart is displaying an elite level of strike zone recognition with a walk rate of over 20 percent and a chase rate or swing at balls outside the strike zone that ranks in the top percentile of the league. He has achieved this without sacrificing power, where it is shown that his proportion of batted balls at an exit velocity greater than 98 mph, better known as barrels, is at 18.8%, in the top 10% of the league.

Additionally, Stewart has been more than timely at bat in important at-bats for the team. In late and close games this season, Stewart has an OPS of almost 2,000  and a batting average above .300.

In moments of slump of vital players for the team like Francisco Lindor, and while waiting for Martinez to debut this season, Stewart's work has been valuable. His power bat and quality at-bats have been necessary to help the team in the streak they have had to date.