5 surprise Mets players who helped the team win during the Francisco Lindor slump

New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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4) Tyrone Taylor

Tyrone Taylor has been a player with poor contact and plate discipline but good power. However, despite playing a limited role, Taylor has proven to be productive and timely.

Taylor is having his best season in terms of expected statistics, thanks to a considerable decrease in his blank swing, especially outside the strike zone, and an increase in his level of walks. In fact, despite hitting with a minor hard-hit contact, he has performed better, thanks to an increase in his launch angle and a better selection of pitches to make contact with.

This performance has been sustainable against fastballs, breaking balls, and offspeed pitches, hitting all above .285. He has also increased his pull swing, generating more contact towards his wing, which improves the results of batted balls with greater contact.

Added to this is that in the games in which the team has won, Taylor has the best batting line of the entire team. Taylor has a batting average above .400,  a slugging percentage above .600, and an OPS around .1000 in the games he has participated in where the team has won, which demonstrates an important role in the lineup and the current record of the Mets.