5 Mets players under contract for 2024 the fans are ready to move on from

Will we get our wish and see the Mets move on from any of these players?
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4) NY Mets fans turned on Daniel Vogelbach quickly

Daniel Vogelbach quickly went from one of the more popular Mets players to a guy constantly getting roasted. There were questions when he first joined the club in the summer of 2022. However, a productive albeit limited bat was enough to convince fans he could be useful in 2023.

An awful spring carried into the regular season where it became apparent quickly that even if Vogelbach was his usual semi-productive self, there were problems. The inability to play more than first base was already a problem with Pete Alonso at the position. The Mets have never allowed Vogelbach to play a single inning defensively which only fueled skepticism further as to what he could offer.

Carrying Vogelbach was limiting from the start of the year. A part-time player who can’t play defense or run and doesn’t really hit all that well either is going to rub fans the wrong way. Vogelbach did. His once lovable “everyman” reputation built largely by his large build was gone. Fans wanted homers. Vogey barely delivered.

The choice to move on from Vogelbach this offseason is easy. The Mets can non-tender him and hope fans somehow forget about the experience. They can help us do so by finding a legitimate DH who doesn’t have to sit against left-handed pitchers or get pinch run for constantly.

Vogelbach ended up with 319 plate appearances where he put together a .233/.339/.404 batting line. He added in 13 home runs and 48 RBI. It’s not horrific for his track record, but the limitations are way too much to even consider bringing him back.